These are some general hints & tips, regarding the storage of any goods, that you may wish use when storing with us.

We will provide you with a CLEAN, DRY STORAGE SPACE, however we encourage all our customers to take whatever additional steps they feel necessary to protect their property whilst it is in our facility. Vermin bait is placed in all our storage spaces and at various strategic positions around our facility and the entire complex is sprayed regularly to combat spider, cockroach and insect infestation. Customers should make sure that their children do not handle or swallow any foreign matter found in the complex.

  • DO NOT store inflammable or combustible materials for obvious reasons.
  • DO NOT store animals or animal products or perishable foodstuffs in your unit. They attract vermin.
  • DO NOT store illegal or stolen items or unsecured firearms or jewellery, precious metals, coins etc.
  • To prevent water damage to the rest of your property and to property in neighbouring storage spaces FRIDGES and FREEZERS, should be defrosted and dried out before storing with doors slightly ajar for ventilation. WASHING MACHINES should be drained and hoses tied or taped to the back of the machine.
  • AVOID STORING WET ITEMS for the same reason and to lessen the likelihood of mould and mildew.
  • Spray furniture with a good quality furniture spray before storing.
  • Wrap or cover mattresses, bed bases, lounge suites with plastic covers or sheets.
  • Expensive electrical equipment such as STEREOS, TV’S & COMPUTERS are best repacked into the boxes they originally came in, failing that, they can be repacked into appropriate-sized cardboard boxes using newspaper or other suitable filler materials to fill in the gaps.
  • Store CLOTHING in cartons, cloth sacks or plastic bags. Place mothballs in the containers also.
  • Place moisture absorbers, extra vermin bait and deodorisers in your storage spaces also.
  • Items such as padlocks, moisture absorbers and refills and plastic mattress bags are available for purchase from the office.

For any further queries, please contact us.


Here you can download documents to help you with your storage queries.